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New website

So long we've been struggling with an out of date non-responsive website which took ages to load.  Now we have a fresh clean looking simply styled website which loads instantly and has all the bells and whistles attached so we hope that it will be a much better and faster experience for our present customers and bring us lots of new ones too.

It's linked too to our Facebook page and Messenger so customers can send us messages and ask questions.  Our company ethos has always been about exceptional customer service because we are a family company and are passionate about what we sell.   We are about our customers and want to help in any way we can.  Although we aren't professional interior designers, we have some experience renovating properties and like to think we have an eye for colour.    If you have a particular colour scheme that you're trying to match, feel free to send us photos of your room so we can see if we can match up a rug to your flooring.  This is particularly apt when you're working with beige creams and white.  There are so many shades available and sometimes it can be very hard to describe accurately.  If we haven't got it, we'll go round all our suppliers to see if they have anything suitable.

We try to make our photographs as accurate as possible and work on Macs, which are well known for their graphics. When we put on new photos of a rug, we have the rug besides the computer so we can check that what we see on screen is as close as possible to the rug beside us.  See what we mean about care?  We've also added a helpful page on how to measure for your rug.  We do occasionally have rugs returned with the cry " It wasn't as big as I thought it would be".  Well, actually it measures what it says it measures.  However, we realise that our customers aren't for the most part interior designers, and it can be hard to visualise your chosen rug in your space which is why we always recommend measuring out the space where the rug will go and marking the corners with white paper so you can get a good idea.

Whilst working on our launch, we've also of course been eyeing up new rugs.  Although we are known for cotton rugs we have been tempted by these gorgeous handwoven rugs in pure wool - as much as anything because of the lovely colours.  We've lost count of the times we've been asked for yellow rugs.  They are notoriously hard to find so we hope you'll like this range.

Coming into Summer, we also mustn't forget the stripey ones, such as these seaside rugs with more coming in the next couple of weeks or so


Please do take a browse through out website and let us know what you think.   We welcome all observations - especially the helpful ones!

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